If I could lactate forever, I would

I’m loving breastfeeding. It’s the second time around for me, but seriously, it’s a good thing. Especially this time of year, when there are tons o’ germs and icky things going around.

Is there such a thing as lactating forever? I mean, say my little one weans (whenever that might be…), could I attach the pump and induce lactation for an indefinite period of time? You know, kind of like what they do with dairy cows? I wonder.

I wonder how long a mom can lactate once her baby weans? (Image via stock.xchng)

It’s tempting. No, really. I’m not kidding here. During my relatively short stint as dairy mom, I’ve learned that breast milk is truly a miraculous thing. It heals all kinds of boo-boo’s and can be used as a protective shield against bacteria and viruses. Why just this evening, I expressed a little milk in a teeny bowl and dropped it into my daughter’s nostrils to stave off a runny nose. A couple of days ago, my son had a nasty stye brewing and I poured a few drops in his eye and it went away overnight. And let’s not forget my husband’s experience with the healing powers of the All-Mighty Booby Juice. He had a nasty and painful gouge in his leg from a run-in with a rose bush. I dabbed on a little mama milk, et voilà! Boo-boo all gone!

What other miracles can breast milk work? Well, let’s see…

Breastfeeding Tied to Stronger Lungs, Less Asthma

Breast Milk May Protect Against Cancer

Substance in Breast Milk Kills Cancer Cells, Study Says

Face Cream Made with Breast Milk May Cure Teen Acne

Remarkable Stem Cell Discovery in Breast Milk

Breast Milk Cure for Infant Malnutrition

And the list goes on. Just Google “breast milk research” and see what comes up.

But back to the idea of eternal lactation… Besides using a breast pump to sustain the flow of “liquid gold,” there is another, more fascinating possibility: Becoming a wet nurse. At $1,000/week, it’s sounding pretty good already! Excuse me while I log in to Monster.com and look for my next job. I wonder what sort of references I’ll need? Can I list my son and my daughter as “satisfied clients”?? I can just imagine my son giving a reference check: “My mom gave me milkies whenever I wanted it. It tasted like melted vanilla ice cream. It made me feel warm and cozy and helped me fall asleep. Can I have some now?”


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